Jason R. Anderson

Software Engineer & UX Designer

The Three Click Myth

A graphic designer’s job is to convey a message to the viewer using interesting visual treatments of text, shapes, colors, and images. The difficulty in that premise is finding the balance between creating a design that is visually stimulating, while keeping the message clear. Traditional print design has been around long enough to develop a very deep understanding of the rules that govern things like typography and color theory, however as print designers began making their way into web design in the early 2000’s, there weren’t as many applicable rules or methodologies for design on the web.

My First Time in Japan

With try!Swift Tokyo coming up, my Twitter feed has been filling up with developers from around the world, excited for their first trips to Japan. When I lived in Japan I absolutely loved hanging out with foreigners on their first time to Tokyo. I could live vicariously through them and remember my first time in country. The first week of that experience set the tone for the whole year. The

MQTT and the Internet of Things

Our technology continues to increase in capability while shrinking in size. We can do more with less than ever before and it’s opening the way for industrial design and manufacturing to build intelligence into their creations. This intelligence comes in the way of embedded sensors, processors, and network connectivity that make it possible to monitor and automate many of the appliances you have at home. This concept of a network of physical objects is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Year in Review

Well, 2015 was quite the year. I left my day job to start freelancing full time and haven’t looked back. In fact, the reason it’s been so long between posts is because I’ve just been too busy to sit down and write something. I recently had the chance to jump back into web development with an old project from a few years back, and that has been incredibly challenging and fun.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone — Aggressively Seek to Understand.

For the past few years, I’ve been using Twitter to proactively broaden my view of the world. Before that, I mostly followed people like me — white male computer programmers. That made it really easy to turn a blind eye to the civil rights battles being fought on so many fronts around me. As long as it was out of my line of sight, I was safe and comfortable knowing my world was perfectly fine.