Jason R. Anderson

Mobile Software Engineer & UI/UX Designer

About Me

Hello. My name is Jason, and I craft engaging digital experiences from my humble home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I live with my beautiful wife and two boys.

Prior to Kalamazoo, I spent an extended period of time just outside of Tokyo, Japan developing a myriad of digital goods for US, Australian, and Japanese audiences. Some of my past work has been for Pirelli Japan, the Australian Roads and Traffic Authority, and the Kellogg Company.

You can see some of my work here. I’m a freelance programming gun for hire, specializing in native software development for iOS and Android. If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch.



Programming Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin

Foreign Languages: Japanese (fluent), Spanish (moderate)


Software Consultation & Custom Development
Kosoku Interactive, Kalamazoo, MI (2002 - Present)
Native app development for iOS and Android.


  • SmashHound — SmashHound is a photo-based business review app for iOS. It uses a custom web service for posting photo reviews by location and leverages Google Places API for consuming information about the businesses being reviewed.
  • MyT1D — MyT1D is an innovative mobile app intended to connect adolescents with type-1 diabetes with their parents to help support the transition to self-management. Since early 2016, I’ve been working with Dr. Bree Holtz, researcher at Michigan State University, and her team in developing this app. We just finished the initial pilot run and are preparing to start a larger trial later in 2017. Depending on the results of this project, the group could go on to build production versions for both iOS and Android. This prototype app was built for Android and leverages Firebase for cloud storage and notifications.
  • Spoke — Spoke is a new kind of curated listening experience delivering high-quality talk-based audio and an engaging social community. I started this project managed by Big Mirror Labs, LLC, in the spring of 2015, building the prototype that would go on to become Spoke. Based on the strength of that proof of concept, we were able to hire on a full production team in early 2016, and develop a rich social media platform for iOS, Android, and web — including a robust machine learning backend service for providing smart recommendations. I’ve been a senior iOS developer for this project from the beginning and was the lead developer during the prototype stage. The app uses HLS streaming from a custom backend web service and makes extensive use of ReactiveCocoa and ReactiveSwift. While the prototype was written in Objective-C, the production app has been written entirely in Swift.
  • Little Caesar’s — I joined the team for a short term contract in the first half of 2017, working to add features such as the custom pizza builder, the ability to manage favorite menu items and store locations, a new feature for pre-ordering pizza and picking up without human interaction (via a QR code scanner), and various design and layout changes.

Principal Software Engineer
Netki, Inc, Kalamazoo, MI (2018)
Built the mobile software SDKs for iOS, Android, and ReactNative. Also developed the white-label app for identity validation, MyVerify, for iOS and Android. Led the mobile team in R&D of new technologies in image analysis (e.g. facial recognition and object detection).

Director of Product Engineering
Maestro, Kalamazoo, MI (2014 - 2015)
Led development of mobile sales productivity apps while managing a team of senior and junior engineers as well as acting lead developer on the video chat iPad application in the product suite.

Solution Architect/Senior Software Engineer
Maestro, Kalamazoo, MI (2012 - 2014)
Worked with internal strategy team to estimate project budgets, designed software architectures for custom software projects, and wrote custom iPad apps for clients.

IT-MTS — Global Engineering Lead/Solution Architect for Mobility
Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, MI (2010 - 2012)
Selected and implemented a mobile device management solution, led initiative to move Board of Directors to iPads for information delivery, worked with CIO, CISO, and senior leadership to develop mobile strategy for the company, and developed the first internal mobile app (a corporate directory app for the iPhone).


Master of Business Administration
New York Institute of Technology, Ellis College (August 2004 - February 2006)
MBA: General Business Studies. Elective focus: Internal Corporate Communication and Project Management.

Bachelor of Art in Art
Western Michigan University (September 1993 - April 1999)
BA: Art. Emphasis in graphic design. Minor: Japanese.